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Solutions for Shipping Fine Art in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its culture, diversity, and compelling art scene. It’s home to hundreds of galleries, museums, and showrooms. In addition, California offers over 450 art schools, which is four times the national average, and students don’t have to look far for places to show their work and find an audience to buy it.

Craters & Freighters LA has built ongoing and long-lasting relationships with several artists, collectors, museums, and galleries in and around the Los Angeles area. We are a leading art shipping company in Los Angeles, dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced when it comes to handling the secure shipment of any kind of art.

We have decades-long experience, over 65 national locations, and a global network that contributes to the care, managing, and shipping of the most valuable, fragile, and heavy pieces of art. From sculptures to large, framed original pieces to one-of-a-kind antiques, we know how to custom package, crate, and transport your fine art.

Fine Art Shippers

No matter where your art is going, we can get it there with ease, precision, and efficiency. Craters & Freighters Los Angeles has a comprehensive list of shipping services that keep your valuables within our reach throughout their journey, which means you have an accountable team that you can trust.

Our transportation network includes travel by air, sea, and land, and can go to just about any country in the world. We have the tools and skillset to provide premium protection for your items; size and weight are of no issue.

Our shipping professionals are qualified and thoughtful, engineering the smartest, safest shipping scheme possible.

You can count on us because our shipping standards go above and beyond that of most fine art shippers in Los Angeles. With a team of logistics experts and customer support that surpasses expectations, the LA art community can rely on the fact that we will get your items delivered swiftly and responsibly, keeping you informed at every step.

Fine art shipping itself is an art form and needs professionals who excel in the shipping industry to provide the utmost in quality and technique. This is why so many galleries, museums, and collectors come to us for their holistic art shipping needs.

Crating and Packaging Fine Art

Your unique shipment is nothing without the proper customized art crating and packaging to support it. Our crates are built with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing spec-driven technology, years of experience, and a profound skillset.

Custom crating and custom packaging comes second nature to our shipping specialists. We have managed and maintained art shipping projects of the most challenging variety, and we make them look effortless. Our techniques are trusted by art galleries and museums worldwide, and we are determined to successfully pack and crate your fine art piece no matter where it needs to go. We know what it takes to get your item into its country of destination, ensuring all codes and requirements are met for a seamless entry.

We are highly skilled at museum crating and creating reusable trade show crates for global art shows and exhibitions.

Through securement, cushioning, and support, your valuables will navigate the turbulent, unpredictable shipping stream fully protected. Our crating experts take a proactive approach to every shipment strategy. They prepare for the worst to ensure the best.

On-Site Crating

If your item needs on-site crating in the Los Angeles region, Craters & Freighters covers that, too. We have everything we need to come to your location and tailor crate and pack your large, heavy, awkward, and fragile pieces. Our team will design and engineer the perfect container and supporting packaging scheme for your item using the exact same methods used at our facility.

Contact us to learn more about our fine art packaging and crating today.

Fine Art White-Glove Transportation

For those looking for the most convenient and efficient art shipping process, our white-glove shipping services are second to none. The art pieces we work with are often original, one-of-a-kind, and valuable. If your art needs special care and handling outside the norm, let Craters & Freighters LA provide it.

Our white-glove services include experienced art handlers who will pick up your item in Los Angeles and carefully deliver it almost anywhere nationwide. Using our national connections, we can ensure your items are transported safely and arrive damage-free.

We have various LA artists and collectors who use our white-glove services, as well as designers, builders, antique showrooms, and more.

Why Use Craters & Freighters LA for Your Art Shipment

Craters & Freighters in Los Angeles is supported by a global team that offers every customer security and peace of mind. We are shipping professionals who genuinely care about the safety and protection of your individual items. Our team never sacrifices integrity and only uses high-quality workmanship and materials to give you the shipping process you should expect from leaders in the industry.

We have a wide selection of art shipping services, combined with logistics and customer support that raise the bar. No two projects or customers are the same, and you will never see us using a standard or one-size-fits-all approach to a shipping project. 

Looking for more reasons to work with our local art shipping company? Check out some of our testimonials and see what our customers have to say. Then, submit a form online, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your shipping goals, budget, and needs. Or speak to one of our teammates today and let’s get started on your customized shipment needs.

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